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Partnering for the OurCity2030 Pathway into Arts & Culture

Babbasa and Big Team are excited to announce our new partnership, and the launch of the OurCity2030 Pathway into Arts & Culture.

We are launching a number of pathways into key industry sectors in 2024, with Big Team sponsoring the pathway into Arts & Culture, an innovative example of how organisations within the Arts & Culture industry can come together to offer work placements to some of Bristol's most underrepresented young people.

The Arts & Culture Pathway sees a group of festival orgs coming together to improve access for young people from underrepresented groups to gain skills, experience and knowledge of working on festival projects.

It will consist of insight days, the recruitment of 10 young people into roles with festival organisations, and those young people working at the Glastonbury Festival and St Paul's Carnival events.

If your organisation would like to get involved in this Pathway or the wider OurCity2030 initiative, please get in contact with our Progression Manager, Iona.

If you are a young person who is interested in learning more about Arts & Culture and working within festivals then please register your interest here.

Further pathways for 2024 will be announced shortly.



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