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OurCity2030 Launch Event


On November 23rd 2022, Babbasa launched OurCity2030. This is an ambitious initiative which aims to support at least 2,000 young people from low income households within inner city Bristol to earn a median salary by 2030.

The official launch brought together young people and city leaders who are all essential in the implementation of this project.

The evening included the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees, who spoke about his interactions with Babbasa, and his viewpoint on the importance of OurCity2030 in helping to achieve Bristol’s One City Plan.

Babbasa Trailblazer, Osob, hosted a panel discussion with Haji (Babbasa Trailblazer), Maria Vitale (Arup) and Professor Saffron Karlsen (University of Bristol), who each showed different perspectives on the impact Babbasa has had on the community, and what is possible.

Babbasa Founder and CEO, Poku Osei, spoke about his Ghanaian family background, his experience of first arriving in the UK before beginning Babbasa, and explained his reasoning for starting the social enterprise.

Poku emphasised how the collaborative effort of everyone in the room, and indeed beyond, can help Bristol become a fairer, more inclusive city to live in.

Whilst the room was full of established professionals and industry leaders who were looking to make great changes to the city, the night was about the young people.

The Babbasa Trailblazers perfectly represented the amazing talent pool within Bristol that OurCity2030 aims to support throughout the campaign.

Some of the Trailblazers were able to share their stories of joining the various Babbasa programmes and going on to become great successes.

From Osob Elmi’s career as a BBC journalist, to Tanaka Chigwada’s venture in fashion, Babbasa has aimed to ensure that young people realise their potential and strengthen their communities.

The speeches were followed by some great food and networking; industry professionals were able to connect with young talent to give them advice and guidance.

As participants left with the parting gift of seeds, they were reminded that the launch is only the beginning of this journey. Much like seeds, this initiative needs to be planted and nurtured with patience, for it to flourish.



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